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The Sitecore CLI allows for efficient development and testing.

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Using Content Hub ONE CLI

Although Content Hub ONE is a SaaS service, importing and exporting are required for development. In this article, we will introduce a command line tool that can be used for this part of the development process.


Importing items using Sitecore CLI

Previously, we added the Next.js template to the project, but at this stage Sitecore has no data, so we get an error. Therefore, we would like to import the sample data using Sitecore CLI.


Sitecore CLI Series

The Sitecore CLI is a very useful feature that allows you to control Sitecore from the command line. This series of articles introduces the procedures for setting up a Sitecore CLI environment and related functions.


Importing content using Sitecore CLI

The Sitecore command line interface is provided as a command line tool that allows command line control of the Sitecore environment. In this article, we will review the procedure for using this tool to perform an import using sample data.


Sitecore CLI installation for macOS

Sitecore CLI, Sitecore's command line tool, will be installed on macOS this time. This is because Sitecore CLI also runs on macOS since it is provided as a command that runs on PowerShell Core and .NET Core 3.1 base.


Install Sitecore CLI

Sitecore provides a command line tool that can be used for development efficiency and operation. In this article, we will show you how to install this tool, Sitecore CLI.