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Docker is an open platform for developing, shipping, and running applications.

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XM CloudDocker

About XM Cloud Docker Images

We provide Docker images not only for Sitecore XM Cloud, but also for the latest versions of Sitecore. This makes it easy to switch between development and verification environments. In this article, we will introduce Sitecore's Docker images.


Create docker container of Playwright's apps

We will use Docker to create a container image of the application we have created so that it can be easily deployed. This time, we will proceed to the actual operating environment and finishing the Docker file.


Setting up a Docker environment (Windows version)

Yesterday we briefly set up an environment on macOS, and this time we will set up a Docker environment that works with WSL on Windows 11. This will allow us to work with Visual Studio Code in the Windows environment while continuing development on Linux.


Setting up a Docker environment (macOS version)

Before that, we need to prepare tools for integrating with Search. This time, we'll set up the Docker environment. Today, I'll cover the macOS setup, and tomorrow, I'll share notes on how I handle the Windows environment.

Add a headless site

Continuing from the last project, we'll add a headless site and integrate it with a Next.js project. Since the process is lengthy, this time we'll focus on adding the headless site and serializing its data for reuse.