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About Sitecore 10.4 and Headless SXA available Docker images

DockerExperience Manager (XM)

Published: 2024-06-03

We had previously introduced Sitecore 10.3 and Headless SXA-enabled Docker images, and now that 10.4 has been released, we have updated the images.

The GitHub repository is the following URL


We have made several changes since 10.3 in addition to the upgrade. The main changes are as follows

  • Changed from Sitecore 10.3 XM1 to Sitecore 10.4 XM1
  • Corresponding packages are also updated accordingly.
  • Upgraded to JSS 22.0
  • Site name changed to sxastarter
  • Domain name also changed to sxastarter.local
  • Windows Container base image changed to ltsc2022

We keep past versions as branches in the GitHub repository. If you want to use a past version, please specify the version and move it.


The following article, which we have previously published on the procedure for creating this image, is a good reference.