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Published: 2023-06-16

In recent years, Sitecore has released many new products and acquired other companies. In this issue, we will introduce all of our products, including some that will soon be available in Japan.

Sitecore Composable DXP

We have already launched all of the products that we acquired two years ago for the Sitecore concept. These products will be introduced in three different genres.

Content Cloud

Content cloud includes products such as content management and asset management.

  • XM Cloud
    • This product is a SaaS version of the CMS provided by Sitecore.
    • Pages, Components, and various other new features.
    • Headless CMS with WISIWIG editor
    • Providing a collection of components in the form of Headless SXA
  • Content Hub DAM
    • SaaS products that provide digital asset management capabilities
    • Copyright management functionality is standard
    • Product content management capabilities, including asset and product relationship management
  • Search
    • SaaS type search engine to realize site search
    • We will be featuring it soon on this blog!
  • Content Hub ONE
    • Offered as a separate Headless CMS from XM Cloud
    • Can be used for small-scale site operations or as a second CMS
    • We will be featuring it soon on this blog!

Engagement Cloud

The following products have been released as useful tools for website marketing

  • CDP + Personalize
    • Provide a CDP that can manage and appropriately use customer data, not just marketing.
    • Personalize by using Personalize, which works with CDP
    • Automatically link to CDP for website activity history
    • Real-time personalization
    • We will be featuring it soon on this blog!
  • Send
    • Offered as a SaaS product for email marketing tools
    • Easily create emails and manage mailing lists
    • Provides functionality for integration with other systems using APIs
  • Connect
    • Provides an iPaaS product that can connect Sitecore products to other systems
    • Not limited to integration of CDP and other systems with customer information, but can also be used for content management, etc.
    • We will be featuring it soon on this blog!

For email marketing tools, we also offer Moosend, which is available on a smaller scale.

Commerce Cloud

We are developing two commerce services that are necessary to develop business on the site.

  • OrderCloud
    • Offered as a headless commerce product
    • Provide templates that can be integrated with Next.js Commerce
    • Data centers are available include Japan
  • Discover
    • Search engine for commerce sites
    • We will feature this one on our blog when it is ready!

Platform Products

Sitecore will continue to offer the same packages it has offered to date.

  • Sitecore Experience Manager
    • CMS functionality based on XM Cloud available as a package
    • Latest version 10.3 to be released in December 2022
  • Sitecore Experience Platform
    • Release products in a form that includes marketing functions in the above package.

We will continue to feature the above products as useful features on our blog.


All of the products are already working as Sitecore admin screens and I am finally ready to use them. I am ready to use Sitecore, which means I am ready to sell.

As the number of products increases, so does the amount of information I want to provide, but I will try to provide as much information as I can about what is hot in my own hands.