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Moosend is for small and medium-sized businesses, while Sitecore Send is for enterprises.

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Send email from Next.js projects using Nodemailer

I will create a Next.js project and proceed to implement it in a way that React Email and Nodemailer can work together. We will mainly finish up with a sample of sending an email using the API. The same code will work for both Moosend and Sitecore Send.


Send email with Nodemailer

To send emails created with React Email, which we introduced in the previous article, using Sitecore Send's SMTP Service, we first want to run a simple Nodemailer sample.


Introducing Sitecore Send's YouTube video

I was planning to write blog posts about moosend's features, but instead, I've created several short videos. These videos convey the functionality more clearly than text. Please check them out to see what makes this email marketing tool so easy to use.


Introduction to Moosend and Sitecore Send

Last year, we introduced Moosend's service on this blog. Now, it's being offered as Sitecore Send, a service tailored for businesses. In this post, we'll reintroduce the product and explain the differences between Moosend and Sitecore Send.


Sitecore Send / Moosend Setup guide

In the last issue, we introduced the procedure for signing up for a free plan with Moosend. When you apply for a free plan, you will be presented with four steps to follow. This time, we would like to proceed with this part of the procedure.