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Intelligent customer data platforms allow you to connect, activate, and correlate customer data across your ecosystem.

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Introducing Sitecore CDP Profile Viewer

We have created a sample Sitecore CDP Profile Viewer to meet the needs of users who want to use the information stored in the CDP in conjunction with other systems. This time, I created it with React, and the code is available in the repository.

Adding order data to CDP's profile

In a CDP, data linked to profiles can include sessions (web activity and conversions) and order information. Order data, often obtained from different systems, can be added via API. This guide introduces the steps for this process.

Debug mode to check profile data

Not all data is displayed on the CDP's administration screen, but the most frequently used information is displayed. In this article, we will introduce the debug mode, which allows you to refer to the actual data.

Accessing CDP profiles using Postman

We haven't covered CDP + Personalize much on the blog, but we'll start sharing tips regularly. Although an overview of the product would be ideal, we'll begin by sharing tips. First, we'll use Postman to create and update profiles.