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A world-class, enterprise-ready CMS that allows you to quickly create, manage, and deliver the right content everywhere.

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XM Cloud

Create a new project in XM Cloud

We have been covering XM Cloud on our blog for some time now, and now that the project creation screen has been enhanced, we will once again be creating a CMS with the latest screens.

XM Cloud

Add NextUI Package

The sample already in operation at hand uses Tailwind.css, but we would like to go one step further and apply NextUI this time. This is a user interface tool provided by Vercel, which offers Next.js.

XM Cloud

Check the sample code of Bring own your component

In the last issue, we proceeded to place and run the sample code. This time, we would like to check what kind of code is needed and in what form the data is held. What kind of code is needed to be written and in what form will the data be held?

XM Cloud

Add components with Bring own your component

In this blog series, we've covered components registering with Headless SXA and those created without code using Sitecore Components. Now, we'll introduce a different implementation involving a component.