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Sitecore on Azure Kubernetes Service - Deployment from macOS


Published: 2022-08-23

We have introduced the procedure for deploying Sitecore on the Azure Kubernetes Service. This time, we will check the procedure for setting up an environment that enables the same process on macOS.

Please review the details of this issue in conjunction with the following article to refer to previous articles for more information.

Installation of tools

The first step in working with it is to install PowerShell on macOS to make the environment similar to that of Windows. The procedure is as follows

Next, perform the Azure CLI installation. The installation is performed using Homebrew, a package manager available on macOS.

brew update && brew install azure-cli

Finally, install helm. This command can also be installed with Homebrew.

brew install helm


We will proceed with the steps described in the previous article. First, switch to the subscription you wish to use.

az login
az account list --output table
az account set --subscription "YourSubscriptionName"

Create a resource group.

az group create --name jpn-tokyo-shin-aksxm1 --location japaneast

The following is an abbreviated version, but the procedure in the previous article will be followed directly on macOS. Basically, by using the data deployed in the Windows environment, the instance will be started and can be used by reflecting the DNS settings.


Although this article is about deployment on macOS, Azure CLI and PowerShell can be used on Linux as well.