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Haramizu.com website has been renewed!

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Published: 2023-06-02

The site had not been updated for a while, but there were some problems with the volume of content and old articles that had been left untouched, so we took a look at renewing the site.

Concept of Renewal

We used to operate the site using templates, but we thought it would be better to try using Next.js with a lot of effort to properly understand its development, so we renewed the site with the following concept.

  • Creating with Next.js
  • Tailwind.css is used for the stylesheet.
  • Host my site on Vercel

The above section is really the same as before, but the key point is that it was rebuilt from the plain Next.js environment. Not all of the desired functions have been implemented yet, but we have implemented all of the necessary functions for publishing a blog.

  • Some content has been migrated to this blog (done)
  • The design of the page is not finalized and will be improved from time to time.
  • Content that has not been migrated is available at https://archive.haramizu.com
    • Since all content migration was completed on July 7, the above domain will redirect and jump to this blog

The following features have not yet been implemented

  • Search
  • Embedding YouTube videos (done)
  • Page for each tag (done)
  • Newsletter subscription (Moosend)

Although we cannot share sample code, we believe that the know-how developed here can be used to provide technical information in the future.

Update History

  • June 5, 2011 The part of the page that embeds YouTube videos was changed. Sample
  • June 14, only tagged content on product and technical information pages could be displayed. Sample
  • July 7, all content has been migrated.