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Running Sitecore with Docker - Part 1


Published: 2019-12-26

Did you know that you can run Sitecore on top of Docker? In this article, we will introduce the first step to run Sitecore on Docker, from Docker configuration to building an image.

  • This blog post was written as of the release of Sitecore 9.3.
  • Docker-related articles are summarized in the Sitecore Docker Series.

This article is part 1.

This series of articles will introduce Sitecore in a Docker environment, even if you do not have detailed knowledge of Docker.

In order to perform the verification, you will need to have the following

  • Docker for Windows
  • Preparing Sitecore Licenses and Modules

In fact, building the image is very time consuming (once created, the rest is easy), but a digest video of the process is also available on YouTube.