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Deploying XM Cloud Non-Production Environments

XM Cloud

Published: 2024-07-01

I have previously introduced the procedure for creating a new project and launching a new CMS. This time, we would like to create a development branch in the same GitHub repository and launch an instance using the code under development.

Adding an Environment with XM Cloud

Assume that the current project has one environment available.


Click Create environment. Enter the necessary items for the environment you wish to add. In this case, the following settings were made.


The development branch is in the following state

  • Tailwind CSS style sheet is applied to Next.js
  • Information about the Site is serialized and stored.

This assumes that the development environment has the site in an added form and is capable of using Tailwind CSS.

After a while, the CMS starts up, and when you access the dashboard, you will see the following


After successfully importing the serialized data contained in the repository, the CMS is now up and running with the site added.


In this case, we checked how the serialization data is activated when it is included when adding an environment. Serialization data is only imported when creating a new environment with XM Cloud Deploy, not when running Redeploy on an already deployed CMS.