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Blog refreshed and recharged with new updates

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Published: 2024-05-30

We have not updated our blog for a while, but today we switched to a new blog style. Here is a reintroduction of the updated points.

Blog Update Points

The code that runs this blog will be maintained moderately, so I do not publish any code in particular. However, I plan to publish as a topic of the blog any contents that can be published as Tips.

This new blog works as follows.

  • Next.js App Router - I used to use Page Router, but switched to App Router
  • Multilingual support - I will publish not only the Japanese version but also its English version. Since English is not my strong point, I will use machine translation to create the English version. All past articles are only the content that came out of the machine translation.
  • Full GraphQL - Previously, I used open source packages to get data and display pages, but now this blog built GraphQL to get all the data and display the pages.
  • Added pagination to category pages - pages with a large number of tags are now displayed on multiple pages, whereas previously they were displayed in a list of pages with the same tags.
  • Improved Lighthouse Score - With proper implementation of Next.js features such as image optimization, the following scores were obtained for the top page.

Since this blog site is also a site where I write articles on my own, I will enhance it when I feel like it, but I plan to publish articles on my blog with samples of content that could be used as tips.

At the time of the renewal, the translation rate for English content is 216 out of 392, or 55%. We will continue to translate as we have time. For now, all content with the following tags has been translated.


Please take a look at our new blog.