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Summary - Thumbnail acquisition using Playwright

Next.jsRelated Technology

Published: 2023-10-27

We have used Playright multiple times so far to get thumbnails of pages. In this article, we will conclude with a summary of the whole process.

The first step was to introduce samples using Playwright.

Once an application is created, it is containerized and organized so that it can be managed as a project.

We will deploy this in Azure and proceed to launch it as a Web App.

At this stage, it is now possible to use Playwright to take screenshots, which can be done through the API.

It is now possible to take screenshots of images by using the Next.js API in conjunction with the above application.

Note that the above sample does not take security into account; additional procedures such as adding CORS to restrict the use of the API and to limit the privileges available to the Web App are, of course, necessary. This will vary depending on your requirements, so please use this as a reference only.

Actually, I described a lot of things, but the result I wanted to work with Playwright was to prepare a way to display page thumbnails in the search results. So, we will return to Sitecore Search Tips in the next issue.