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Organize Sitecore OrderCloud related information


Published: 2023-08-17

We have been providing information about Sitecore OrderCloud in the form of tips, but this time we will use past articles to explain what kind of things you can touch now, along with introductions to past articles.

Build the Headstart demo environment

We've covered this several times on the blog, but we've removed the old posts in favor of consolidating all the information into the following 11 posts: OrderCloud's Angular-based site, where you can launch a sample administration screen.

By using Headstart, you will get templates for Seller (admin panel) and Buyer (EC site). By customizing these templates, you can build your e-commerce site and get off to a quick start.

Integration with Next.js Commerce

You can build your Buyer site in Next.js by integrating Vercel's Next.js Commerce with OrderCloud. The following blog post introduces how to set up the site.

Incidentally, a new version of Next.js Commerce has been released, and the method of handling the new version will change. We will be able to provide more information on this as it becomes available.

Sample management screen using React

Headstart is developed based on Angular, which is a framework more suited for e-commerce sites, while React is more widely used. For this reason, the code is available on Github in the form of samples.

Here is a blog post that actually puts this in motion

Runs on a variety of platforms

Sitecore OrderCloud is built to run on a variety of platforms, starting with Headstart, which is a sample of Sitecore OrderCloud. For example, the steps to run Headstart on macOS are described in the following page.

NET 6 and node.js, so the above is macOS, but there are also blog posts about running it on Linux such as Ubuntu, However, there are advantages of not using platform-dependent libraries, such as being able to use Docker to set up a development environment.

Topics to be covered

We would like to present the following information, while also covering other products.


We could write a daily post on this product alone, but there are many others we would like to introduce; you can refer to the full list of posts about OrderCloud on the OrderCloud page of our blog. Please check back in the future.