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Running a React version of the HeadStart app - launching in Vercel


Published: 2023-08-02

In the last issue, we practiced creating a marketplace for OrderCloud and running the sample locally. This time, we will deploy to Vercel.

Setup in Vercel

First, log in to Vercel and create a new project. As for the project, specify the GitHub repository you created last time.


When creating a new environment, we will add the environment values that were specified in .env.local.


After completing the configuration, click Deploy. After a few moments, the website will be launched.


Operation check

Access the launched Web site and log in as in the previous article. The administration page has been launched.



It worked by simply bringing the settings that were run locally to Vercel as is. Although the application is not yet complete in terms of functionality, it is an application made with React, so we expect it to evolve in the future.