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The UI of the XM Cloud Deploy tool has been updated.

XM Cloud

Published: 2023-07-10

The administration screen of the XM Cloud Deploy tool, a tool for XM Cloud, the SaaS version of Cytecore's CMS, has been updated. Various information can now be viewed from the administration screen, so we will introduce this part of the site this time.

The following article is based on the latest environment as of June 12, 2024.

Update XM Cloud Management Tools

The previous administration screen allowed users to manage and project the CMS used by XM Cloud, but this update adds a variety of new features to the tool. When you log in, you will see the following screen.


The menu on the left shows what functions are offered.

  • Projects - XM Cloud allows you to have multiple projects, each of which can be accessed from here.
  • Deployments - Access to the respective build information when deployed in XM Cloud
  • Credentials - Credential can be created per organization or per environment provided
  • Connections - You can refer to information about the environments you are working with, such as GitHub and Vercel.
  • Documentation - Access to online manuals related to the product
  • System Status - You can check the status of services related to XM Cloud
  • Settings - Pre-release features are available (not available at the time of blogging)

Each provides useful information that can be accessed when needed for the actual work.

Adding Environments

This time, we will add an environment to a project that has already been created. First, access the target project. In this case, we will access the xmc-demo-jp project. An environment named "prod" has already been created.


To add an environment, this time click on the create environment button. The following dialog box will appear.


Once you start creating, switch to Deployments and you will see that you are deploying a new CMS.


After a short time, the environment is added.

Find out more about the site


  • Environment ID - This is the environment ID used in the CLI.
  • Edge token value - Token to connect to edge environments such as Vercel
  • HOSTNAMES AND URLS - You can see the actual environment where Sitecore XM is running, the URL of the Edge Preview Endpoint, etc.

You can access the CM instance logs by switching tabs.


It is also possible to specify some values for CMS instances using Variables. This will be used later when integrating with the Sitecore Content Hub Connector.



The new UI makes it possible to check the CMS environment IDs and other information that used to require the CLI from the administration screen.