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Sitecore's CMS Product Recognized as a Leader in Hybrid Headless CMS

XM CloudDigital Asset Management

Published: 2023-07-05

Sitecore's Content Management System product was recognized as a complete SaaS cloud-native solution by IDC in its 2023 MarketScape report on hybrid headless CMS.

Recognized as a leader in IDC's 2023 report

The research firm IDC has rated Sitecore's product as a leader in hybrid headless CMS. The following article is posted on the SiteCore website,

You can actually download the figures in the report, though,

  • Positioned right above Adobe and Aquire
  • Top Capabilities for all products as well

and the result of the 2023 report, which rated it among the leaders as a hybrid headless CMS.

All products covered in this report are SaaS products.

  • XM Cloud (Hybrid Headless CMS)
  • Content Hub DAM (Digital Asset Management)
  • Content Hub Ops (higher version of DAM including marketing content and project management)

In addition, the following products are introduced as related products

  • Sitecore CDP
  • Sitecore Personalize
  • Sitecore Send
  • Sitecore OrderCloud
  • Sitecore Discover

Sitecore Connect, which integrates data with other systems, and existing Sitecore XM / XP products are also included in the lineup.

If you are interested in Sitecore XM Cloud, a highly acclaimed product in the headless CMS genre, please contact us via demo request.