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Sitecore 10.4 is now available

Experience Manager (XM)Experience Platform (XP)

Published: 2024-05-31

While I was out of the loop with the blog refresh, Sitecore 10.4 has been released. I will leave the detailed information to the release notes, but here are some key points about 10.4.

About 10.4 Support

Sitecore 10.4 was released in two editions, XM and XP, with the XC release ending with 10.3. The support lifecycle is described in the following page.

10.3 were often released at the end of the year, but 10.4 was released at the end of April, which seems a bit long in terms of sensation, since 3 years of mainstream support means the end of that year.

  • Mainstream Support - December 31, 2027 (3 years and 8 months)
  • Extended Support - December 31, 2030
  • Maintenance Support - December 31, 2032

By upgrading to 10.4 early, you may be able to set a longer period of time for which you will receive support, making this version just right for companies considering upgrading now.

Assistance with migration to DXP tools

The following two related tools have been released

XM to XM Cloud Content Migration tool

This tool can be used to migrate content items managed in the Sitecore CMS to the XM Cloud environment. However, Sitecore items can be maintained and migrated as they are, eliminating the need for content migration.

xDB to CDP Migration Tool

We have launched a new tool that allows Sitecore XP users to transfer their user information to Sitecore CDP profiles. Companies already using Sitecore XP for marketing functions can now use the new tool to develop personalization and other functions while utilizing the data accumulated in the past.

This tool is provided as a recipe for Sitecore Connect, and since it is important for Sitecore Connect to work with other systems when using CDP, it would be useful to be able to migrate that initial data from XP.

SXA 10.4 and Headless 22.0 released

The Sitecore Experience Accelerator, a collection of components that can be used with XM and XP, has been upgraded to include support for Tailwind CSS and Next.js by default. In particular, the combination of Next.js + Experience Edge in Headless 22.0 makes it possible to build sites that are highly compatible with XM Cloud.

It will be easier to plan to upgrade to Sitecore 10.4 first, then go headless, and finally migrate to XM Cloud instead of upgrading next time and adopt a versionless SaaS CMS.


Several new features have been added as well as bug fixes that have already been identified. Please see the release notes for details.