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About Content Status

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Published: 2023-09-15

When content is created, the status is saved in the form draft. The following is an introduction to the status.

About Status

When content is created, if no action is taken, it is saved as draft. If you perform a Publish on the content, it will change to a Published status. For content that has already been published, Unpublish will return it to Draft status, but if you have only edited it, it will change to Changed status. The following image provided in the help section shows the process of status change.


Publish Content

In this article, we will publish the first content. To publish, open the content and click the Publish button in the upper right corner.


After a short time, the status will be updated to Published. If you want to stop publishing the content, click the Unpublish item in the upper right menu to return to Draft.


In the contents list, you can check the status as shown in the following screen. You can also use filters to display only Published or only Draft.



We now have one Draft and one Publish content in terms of content status. How can we get this information? In the next article, we will use GraphQL to obtain this information.

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