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Add content type

Content Hub ONE

Published: 2023-09-13

To use Content Hub ONE, you must first set up your content types. In this article, we will create a simple content type.

Create new content types

When you open Content Types in the administration page, you will only see a button because nothing has been defined yet. Click this button to create a content type. The screen immediately after clicking is as follows


In this case, Blog is used as the Name. The ID should start with a lower-case alphabetical letter.


Once the creation of a new content type is complete, you will be taken to a screen where you can set the fields to be used in the content type.


Click Add Field to see a list of field formats.

  • Text - Text data
  • Rich text - Various data can be included, such as bold, italic, etc.
  • Number - Number
  • Boolean - Yes / No
  • Date / Time - Date and Time
  • Reference - Specify related content
  • Media - Images and other media files
  • Select - You can set your choices

In this article, we will set up three blog elements: Title, Summary, and Publication Date (to be expanded later). First, click on Text to display the following screen, where Title is specified as Name and Short text as an item.


Click on the tab to make this field a required field.


For Display Options, set the text "Blog title".


Next, a Description is also created, with the same item settings as the Title, but with a different name.


Finally, add a date field; theDetail should be set as follows


Now that you have defined a content type that has three items, click on the Save button and you will see the items as follows


Content types that have been created are now listed in the list of packages.



In this article, we have created a content format to be managed by Content Hub ONE. In the next article, we would like to create content using this content type.