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Content Hub ONE management tools

Content Hub ONE

Published: 2023-09-12

In the previous issue, we introduced the name and positioning of the product. In this issue, we will introduce you to the actual management screen and what kind of functions are available.

Management Tools

Once logged in, Welcome Name! while the information of the logged-in user is displayed in the form of four main items.

  • Model your content Takes you to the administration page to configure settings about the structure of the content
  • Create your content Using the created content format, we will create the content itself
  • Upload your media items You can upload image files, etc.
  • Get it to your channel You can get the API key that applications such as Next.js use to take data from Content Hub ONE.

Click on each of the above items one by one to check the current status.

Content type

Two models are available under Content model, and in this case we chose Content Types. Since nothing has been created yet, the + Add type button is displayed.



There is no data for content yet. Also, content types themselves have not been prepared, so it is necessary to create content types first.



Since you have not yet uploaded any files, instructions for uploading files will appear on the screen.


At the time of this blog posting, Jpeg, PNG, Gif and webp data files under 70 MB can be uploaded.


This screen is displayed with respect to an already issued API key, if any.


In addition to the OAuth key, information about the OAuth client can also be retrieved.


In this case, the form is a glance at the administration screen. To create content, you must first create a content format. In the next issue, we would like to create the content format.