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Sitecore Search - Localization


Published: 2023-09-11

Until now, the Search Starter Kit has been used to create the search page, but now it is possible to display the page in Japanese simply by changing a few items. This time, we will translate some items.

Widget Translation

This time we would like to change the Home Hero settings according to the language we are searching for. First select Home Hero from the Widgets menu. Then select the default variation created in Widget Variations. The screen will change as follows


Click + Add Rule in the upper right corner to switch to the following screen.


Check Enable Configuration and set the images and characters you want to use when switching to Japanese.


Click on the icon in the upper left corner to set the rules for display. In this case, we will set Locale to Japanese.


You have added a rule. Please Publish the widget again. After you are done, you will see the image and text change when you switch languages.


Similarly, highlights and FAQs can also be in Japanese.

About the order

You can set the translation of the order in which search results are displayed. This is the content of the drop-down box displayed in the upper right corner of the search list.


This item can be found under Domain Settings - Feature Configuration, then Sorting Options. You will see the Localization menu at the top.


Clicking here opens a dialog where you can set how each language is displayed.


Publish Domain Settings for the setting to take effect. After making this change, you will need to perform a reindex on the data that has already been crawled.


Change display order

Since we have a little time to run reindex, we would like to change the order of the items to be displayed. The transition to the settings screen is as follows

  1. Click on Global Resources
  2. Click Global Widget
  3. Click Global Widget Settings
  4. Open Sorting

Here you can control the items to be displayed and the order in which they are displayed. In this case, the settings are as follows


Run Publish and wait for the reindex to complete.

Confirmation of sort order

When you access the search list page, you will now see the following items


In English, the labels are displayed in the same order as before. Other languages can also be changed to make the search results page more user-friendly.


We have found that by changing the settings on the Sitecore Search administration page, we can change the administration page for the search results.