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OrderCloud - Create Promotions


Published: 2023-09-06

OrderCloud provides a mechanism to manage promotion codes, which Headstart can use. In this case, we would like to create a new promotion code and check its operation.

Supplier Registration

When creating a promotion code, please register your supplier first, as the system includes a mechanism for specifying suppliers. The required fields are name, currency, and product type (in this case Standard).


Creating promotions

To create a promotion, open the promotion in the Products - Promotions menu. The first time you do this, there will be no code included, so run Create New.

First, let's set up the discount code.


Then select the type. In this case, we chose Percentage, Entire Order.


At the bottom, there is a section for stating the coupon validity date. This date is written in UTC, which is Japan time minus 9 hours.


Finally, click the Create button to activate the discount code you have just created.


Operation verification

Access the website to check it out. After logging in to the site, adding two products, and checking out, you will be taken to the following screen.


Apply the promo code and you will see the price drop.



Promotions can be set up on a per-supplier basis, on individual items only, on the amount of money being spent, etc. It is also possible to automatically apply free shipping on purchases over 30,000 yen, for example.