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Check crawl results using Source


Published: 2023-09-05

By identifying what is causing errors when crawling the site's data, it is possible to identify what is wrong with the site when it fails. In this article, we will show you how to do this.

Check crawl results

To see the results of the run, click on the Analytics icon on the left to switch screens. Then, click on the menu item Sources - Overview to see a list of the settings of the sources that are actually crawling.


Click on the source you wish to check and the results for previous crawls will be displayed. Those that have failed are shown as red bars.


If you go to the details, you can see which step is in error.


Although it is a different error from the above, it is also possible to obtain information about URLs as follows.


In the above case, it is safe to assume that the /newsletter page can be excluded from the search.


It is difficult to get detailed information related to the error just from the analytics on the source results, but after some crawl activity, it is possible to make decisions such as whether or not to exclude the subject as described above.