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OrderCloud - Create Bundled Products


Published: 2023-09-01

When selling a set of products, you may want to register the products in the form of a bundle. In this case, we will register two already registered products as a bundle.

Creation of bundle products

When registering a product, there is an item called Bundle in addition to Standard. This time, we will use this to create a bundle product. The input screen is different from the normal product input screen in that you will be asked to select a name, a product image, and a product to be bundled. In this case, we will register CDP and Personalize products as follows.


After entering the information, switch tabs and check Sitecore SaaS in the Buyer Visibility section.


After the saving is complete, the bundle products are now listed as follows when accessing the website.


If you go to the detailed information, you will see that the products are set up as follows and also the prices are combined.



We have identified a setup for two products to be purchased together. This allows us to combine the two products together for a lower price, rather than creating a separate set of products, which in this case has the advantage of properly linking inventory, etc. with the individual products.