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Verify Federated Experience Manager operation

Experience Platform (XP)

Published: 2023-08-04

In the previous article, we introduced the initial settings of FXM. We would like to confirm what kind of settings are made in Sitecore.

Confirmation of setting information

The previously created FXM settings can be viewed from the Marketing Control Panel as well as the FXM tools.


The following data is included in the Demo item you created.


The item contains a selector to see where you are creating placeholders. Check the presentation of this item to see the following settings


You can see that sample renderings are assigned and displayed as data on the page.

Features available in FXM

The following functions are available by putting a Web beacon on an external site. For detailed usage, please refer to the link.

This time, we will include the personalization settings to see what the settings will change. First, open the Experience Editor. This time click on the Assign Marketing Attributes button on the far left side. Then click on the sub-layout you have already placed and you will see the following screen.


The personalization icons are enabled, click on the leftmost icon. The personalization settings are displayed.


I actually referred this setting to a placeholder item in FXM, but when I go to refer to the presentation, I see that the setting is in there.


Thus, if you want to refer to what is set where? can be achieved with the content editor.

CD Server Configuration

By default, the name of the CM server is used as the name of the Web beacon; since the CM server may be located in a location that is inaccessible to the outside world, we will show you how to change this setting. The configuration file is Sitecore.FXM.config, which is located in App_Config\Sitecore\FederatedExperienceManager. In the settings of this file, change the following items.

      <setting name="FXM.Hostname" value="cd.sitecoredemo.jp" />

After making the change, go back to the Web beacon URL and you will see that it has changed to the following settings


Check this configuration file when making changes to the FXM environment.


In this article, we have introduced where the settings are recorded in order to check the operation of the configured FXM. By keeping this in mind, you will be able to see what the settings are for what kind of operation in the content editor without having to use the experience editor. You can refer to the settings in the content editor without using the experience editor.