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Introducing Netlify

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Published: 2021-07-12

Netlify offers a hosting environment that is very convenient, with a CDN included as standard.


Free but very powerful

Basically, it is an easy way to host a static site, and it also supports Build procedures such as Docusaurus.

I am using it free of charge because of the following conditions (as of October 9, 2020)

  • Git integration (also supports private GitHub repositories)
  • Site preview function (also easy to create a staging environment)
  • Single-person use (though you can share GitHub repositories)
  • Bandwidth 100 GB / month (not that much traffic)
  • Build time 300 minutes / month (also not used that much)
  • Form function (not yet used)
  • CDN ( Global Edge deployments )

In a private environment, the above conditions would be sufficient to cover the cost of the project.

Create an account

Creating an account is very easy. In this case, I have linked it to my GitHub account and configured it to work with GitHub repositories. Of course, it can also be linked to other source code management tools.


The screen for the actual linkage is as follows.


Once logged in, a list of sites will be displayed (the reference screen below shows a situation where one site has already been registered).


Once you have logged in, the next step is to add your site.

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