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Sitecore Content Hub - Batch Upload

Digital Asset Management

Published: 2020-03-18

In addition to uploading files by drag & drop, there is a way to upload files in batches. Here is an introduction to the process.

Import link

In the File Upload dialog, you can select the Import Link type. This allows you to specify a file in the URL and upload it on the server side.


The advantage of using an import link is that large data files can be imported in the background as they are processed on the server side. This can be useful when importing large amounts of data.

Excel Import

Unlike an import link that uses a URL, the attributes of a file can be imported together.

First, as far as Excel Import is concerned, it is not turned on in the standard environment, so we will modify the functionality of the Sitecore Content Hub page to enable the feature. The procedure is to disable the standard file upload in the upper right area of the "Create" page, place a new "Create" button, and enable both the normal upload and Excel import functions.

Now that you are ready, upload the Excel file, this time as follows


The file Title, file URL and Description are defined. Normally, just uploading a file will leave the Description blank, but you can upload the file with default values. In the same way, you can pre-configure assets offline and reduce the registration process by uploading them in batches with their types, tagging, and so on.


This time, we also imported the Description together, so you can see that the text is included in the description as well as the file name and title, as shown below.



We have shown two methods for uploading files individually as well as in batches; the component for adding Excel import is versatile and can also be used as a component for importing various types of data with different settings. The component for adding an Excel import is versatile and can also be configured and used as a component for importing various data.

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